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This food provides a healthy alternative to the traditional American diet. Fresh ingredients are quickly cooked to preserve their nutrients and delicate flavors. Authentic Thai reipes call upon a great variety of traditional and exotic herbs and spices to create the unmistakable Thai Flavors now savored by so many in this country.

We invite you to experiment by selecting the level of strength that is right for you. Please note that some dishes (especially those with curry) are naturally hot and will have that "special zing" even at the mild level. These dishes are identified with a chili symbol (  ).

Mild = No chili pepper added.
Medium = A comfortable burn.
Hot = Ask for a pitcher of water before you begin.
Extra Hot = For "Seasoned" professionals only!


Many selections can be ordered vegetarian. Tofu can be substituted or additional vegetables can be added. The selections are identified by a "v" located next to the order number. Please indicate your preference to your wait person.

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